Dock Deicers and Ice Eaters For Sale

Ice Eaters are available in the USA and Canada. These units are ideal for docks and marinas because they melt existing ice, and prevent new icicles from forming. The units can accommodate many applications and run on less than three amps of electricity. The deicer units can be suspended by nylon mooring ropes. The deicers come in a variety of sizes, and most are portable.
Depending on the application, there are several different types of dock de-icers for sale. The smaller models, such as 1/2-hp ones, can agitate more water than larger models. The larger models can work on the same surface as a small boat. Generally, the size of the cord is determined by the horsepower of the machine. Some models can be powered by either 230V or 115V. Some units are also rechargeable and have a limited warranty.
Despite being portable, these devices are best for large bodies of water. These devices can quickly de-ice large areas of water. Some of the models even come with suspension lines for easy hanging. These units are simple to install, requiring no additional hardware. They will melt existing icicles and keep your boat open. They're great for a dock, but are not a substitute for professional de-icing services.
An ice eater can be an effective way to clear docks of ice. Some are highly effective and low-cost, but they do require a deep body of water. They will not work for long periods of time in cold weather. If you need a de-icer for a shallow body of water, you can try a portable unit. Unlike portable systems, a dock de-icer can be purchased in this company separately and can be easily stored.
If you're using a dock ice eater in an industrial environment, it's important to purchase a suitable kit.This  page gives more details on the best ice dock eater. A universal mount kit will do the trick, but if you're installing it on a dock in a residential area, you may want to consider the industrial version. These models are more expensive, but they're designed to withstand industrial conditions. These products are available in various sizes, so make sure to compare the prices.
In addition to preventing ice, an agitator can eliminate stagnant water around a dock. A jig with several agitators can create a huge opening in a shallow body of water. Some agitators with half horsepower power can open a hole up to 60 feet in diameter. An ice eater that has three to four agitators can open an area up to 150 feet.Kindly visit this website for more useful  reference.
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